New York cupcakes!

Everyone knows the famous Magnolia Bakery that our favorite New Yorker Carry Bradshaw helped propel into stardom. I however, am not a fan of Magnolia, I find the cupcakes dry and generic tasting. Lucky for me (and you) there are TONS of other cupcakes to try, I sampled but a few of the hundreds New York has to offer recently.

Crumbs is also a large chain but I find that their cupcakes (at least the ones that I’ve had the pleasure of eating) are moist and full of flavour. They are, however, VERY sweet. They are the kind of sweet that make your teeth vibrate when you eat them. If this is how you like your cupcakes give the Red Velvet a try, it’s really yummy.

Babycakes Bakery is a wonderful place because EVERYONE can eat here! Vegan, wheat free, gluten free etc… you name your food issue and they can probably find a cupcake you can eat. PLUS vegan cupcakes tend to be more moist than regular cupcakes, which is part of what makes a good cupcake in my opinion. Babycakes makes a really good cupcake and the store itself is really playful and fun.

For a mini sugar rush try Baked by Melissa, tiny bite size cupcakes in some great flavours. The good thing about these bite sized treats is you can try more flavours without making yourself sick. I tried red velvet, peanut butter cup and cookie dough. They weren’t the best cupcakes I’ve ever had, but they weren’t bad either.

Next up was The Little Cupcake Bakeshop, which is in NoLita. It’s a cafe, so you can sit with your espresso and enjoy your cupcake. The shop itself is pink and white with chandeliers, so yea, it’s super girly. The cupcakes are pretty and have fun names like Dreaming Princess (cupcake in the top corner below) which is almond cake with raspberry vanilla frosting. All in all, the experience was pleasant but the cupcakes didn’t rock my food world. I would suggest this place if you were catching dessert with a girlfriend though, because it’s really pretty and has ample seating.  

The last one that I think everyone should try is Amy’s Bread. Not specifically a cupcake shop, it’s a full french bakery that sells croissants, fresh bread, sandwiches, other pastries and yes lovely cupcakes. The cupcakes are light, fluffy and to die for. I’m drooling just thinking about them. Also give the croissants a try they are really good.