Why You Should Love Your Flight Attendent

So by now the whole world has heard about the awful Asiana Airline crash in San Francisco, the reasons why it happened, the tragic death of two girls (who didn’t actually die from the crash but from being hit by a rescue vehicle), and of the survivors. Did you also hear that before the rescue crew got to the scene it was actually the flight attendants who helped free trapped passengers getting them to safety? If you’re one of those people that are thinking ‘well that’s their job isn’t it?’ Well, yes, technically you’re right, however for the shit hours, low pay, and constant abuse they suffer from passengers, it’s hard to imagine them sacrificing their own lives to save someone who might have just yelled at them during that long flight, isn’t it? Which brings me to my next point—let’s take a minute to appreciate our flight attendants, because you never know when they are going to save your life. 

Okay that last line might have been a bit dramatic, maybe ‘save your life’ is over the top for most situations, but you know what? There’s been more than one occasion where being kind and treating my flight attendant with respect and common curtsey has gotten me out of a pickle, however mild the situation might have been. Flying with a headache and sitting next to a screaming baby, guess who can find you a new seat? Maybe you got separated from the person you’re traveling with due to an oversold flight, guess who can remedy that? All those times you packed too much and can’t fit your suit case in the overhead, who goes out of their way to help you get it up there? Your flight attendant, that’s who. Did you also know that while the flight is boarding and they’re helping you with all these little tasks, they aren’t getting paid? That’s right, a flight attendant doesn’t get paid until the flight takes off, meaning they do all those things for free. I don’t know about you, but I don’t work for free, especially if people are rude to me.

I’m not suggesting all flight attendants are heroes—well the ones who helped out on the Asiana Airlines flight are—but they ARE hard working people who work in a service industry and deserve our kindness and respect. They have the power to make you comfortable if you act like a descent human being, and on the flip side, to contribute to your misery by not helping you if you’re unkind. My mother always told me to follow one golden rule: Use common sense and treat people as you would like to be treated and you’ll find life a much more pleasant place to be. I try to live by those rules, not just when I fly but always, and so far it has held true. So we at alphacityguides would like to say bravo for your efforts flight attendants, thank you for your service, and keep up the good work.

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